Types of Connector Assemblies Supplied by Members

Connector assembly service details are available on members websites. Members websites may be accessed by clicking on the company names below or on the member’s logo on the Members List page. Most members websites contain their product catalogues.


  Backplanes. Back Panels Fibre Optic Cable Assemblies Coaxial Cable Assemblies Copper Cable Assemblies not Coaxial Hybrid Cable Assemblies
Smiths Interconnect   yes yes yes yes
binder connectors       yes  
Cliff Electronic Components       yes  
Fischer Connectors   yes yes yes  
Harting yes yes   yes  
Huber & Suhner (UK)   yes yes yes  
Interface Components     yes    
LEMO (UK)   yes   yes  
Neutrik UK   yes   yes  
Radiall   yes yes    
Rosenberger Micro-Coax     yes    
Cambion       yes  
Telegaertner   yes yes yes yes
ODU       yes  

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